alex marie

alex marie

Jette, Arrondissement Brussel-Hoofdstad, Brussel-Hoofdstad

Ce professionnel est activement à la recherche d'un emploi.

engineering Freelancer

À propos de moi:

French Je suis une personne très sociable qui aime découvrir et partager des nouvelles choses avec d'autres personnes. Les défis ne me font pas peur et la discipline est mon mot d'ordre. English I am a very sociable person who likes to discover and share new things with other people. Challenges do not scare me and discipline is my watchword.



Bachelor in international business at Thomas More ( Mechelen). 

The objective of my bachelor is to export and optimize the way of doing business. We study several important facets of a business such as marketing, finance, communication to best reach our target customer.


I have always worked as a student since I was 16 years old, I have touched almost everything, but my biggest experiences were the car show where I work for Toyota as a salesman. I also worked at Kinepolis where logistics and customer satisfaction were very important. Currently I work in a gastronomic restaurant where the social contact and the way of speaking is very important.

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