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Ozlem Van Broekhoven

Ozlem Van Broekhoven

MBA, Economist
Mol, Provincie Antwerpen


Over Ozlem Van Broekhoven:

I am an economist with an MBA degree from Purdue University (IN, USA) with a scholarship. I worked at the Central Bank of Turkey in several departments for 15 years in management positions. I would like to expand my professional experience beyond, by integrating my macro-economics, marketing, finance and communication skills, my education and my high level government job knowledge. I already have an unlimited work permit in Belgium (arbeidsmarkt: onbeperkt).


Central Bank of Turkey Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey

Project Manager

Communication, Marketing and Change

European Union and Economic Relations Division of Communications and International Relations Department

2016-April 14, 2022

  • Communicating to all stakeholders such as public, employees, shareholders and financial sector agents through press statements, conferences, speeches and social media content.
  • Manage and create content for social media accounts of the Central Bank in order to engage in public and build trust. (Conducted through LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter accounts of the Central Bank to bring a cohesive and integrated information to different types of audience.)
  • Advice on communicating to both uninformed public and the audience in and out of the Bank by intranet, internet, social media and other tools in order to build trust and enhance transparency.
  • Managing and motivating a team which develops the Central Bank's relations with European Union, other countries' national banks and international organizations.
  • Participating in Organizational Change and the transformation the Central Bank is going through and engaging in Policy Development for the future. This includes culture change, employee participation, recruitment and HR changes as well.Organizing high level events within several countries' Central Banks in order to share technical guidance and experience.
  • Doing statistical analyses on several bilateral relationships including SWAP agreements. (Exchanging the cash flows or liabilities in local currencies.)
  • Reporting, representing, delivering presentations, papers and annual reports related to the position as a form of communication. (Such as Inflation Report, Quarterly Financial Reports to the public and presentations, meetings in order to report to the Governors of Bank.)
  • Project Management of several policy goals determined and conducted yearly.
  • Advice on preparing low and high budget European Union projects and procedures.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Headquarters Ankara, Turkey

Specialist in Reserve Management Division of Markets Department

SWIFT, Payment Methods, Foreign Exchange, Country Budget Expertise


  • Managing the foreign exchange reserve balances in compliance with the monetary policy targets and the main financial objectives of the Central Bank.
  • Making sure that the foreign exchange needed for payments of domestic and external foreign currency debt of the Treasury is available.
  • Meeting external debt service obligations on a regular basis through SWIFT. Contributing to Balance of Payments statistics and analysis.
  • Conducting investigation, analysis and research on monetary policy and reserve management issues.
  • Contributing to the international studies on economic policy developments and financial markets; analyzing the data and conduct the studies.
  • Communication to several foreign banks and national banks in order to keep up with the goals and solve problems.
  • Communication to FED for the project management of a new technology which makes following balances safer and faster. Assigning responsible employees for the application of this.
  • Managing a team of 4 people in order to change the system to a more automized system on SAP in order to avoid mistakes.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Purdue University West Lafayette, INDIANA, USA

August 2011- May 2013

  • This MBA education was sponsored by my employer (the Central Bank), due to my high performance at work and high scores from necessary exams.

he Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Headquarters Ankara, Turkey

Specialist in Banknote Printing Plant Foreign Procurement 2013-2014

  • Banknote paper and banknote ink procurement from specific foreign companies that produce, preparing the conditions and the contracts of necessary for relevant banknotes, holding tenders and tendering procedures for these procurements, maintaining scrutiny over the contract conditions being met, and following quality control, and environment protection rules of the products.
  • Business development for the foreign procurement process and Business Development for environment saving process of the Central Bank.
  • Policy development and project management for the strategy for environment issues including sustainability and renewable waste.


The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Ankara, Turkey

Assistant Specialist in Iskenderun Branch 2006-2011

Accounting, Tax Duties and Human Resources Department

  • Contribution to Financial reports and Balance sheet Preparation, executing Tax duties of the Central bank Branch.
  • Recruitment, Human Resources and compensation issues of the Branch Employees.
  • Contribution to inflation expectation reports of the Central Bank in order to estimate inflation.T


Purdue University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

West Lafayette, INDIANA, USA

Krannert School of Management August 2011- May 2013

Focused on economics and marketing

(With the Sponsorship of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)

(Graduated in Dean’s List)


Ankara University 

Bachelor of Science Degree

Labor Economics and Industrial Relations

Faculty of Political Sciences

Ankara, Turkey

September 1999-June 2004

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