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PhD position: Transitmigration and urban arrival infrastructures in Belgium and The Netherlands (BB-30E80)

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ReROOT focuses on processes of recent migrants’ settlement, interconnections and belonging through the concept of arrival infrastructures. Arrival infrastructures are produced by various actors and shape migrants’ pathways into employment, housing, education and training, public services, religious, cultural or leisure activities, neighbourhood organisations etc. In nine settings in Europe, ReROOT documents processes of arrival, investigates diverse strategies for intervening in the arrival infrastructure and translates these insights into workbooks, tools and educative material for civil society organisations, professionals, and policy makers.

With Brussels and Amsterdam as empirical vantagepoints, your PhD project will focus on the use and co-construction of urbanwelcoming infrastructures by/for ‘transit migrants’ from East Africa and theMiddle East. This includes but is not limited to the access to andco-construction of precarious housing and the building of ‘mobile commons’ ofcare, legal advice, social networking and subaltern economic activities.

Your tasks include:

  • Mapping and ethnographicallyresearching and describing the arrival infrastructures for ‘transit migrants’in different relevant sites across Belgium, the Netherlands and, possiblynorthern France;
  • Designing research instruments andethnographic strategies and techniques in collaboration with researchparticipants (fellow researchers in other projects as well as interlocutors);
  • Engaging in reflexive analyses withvarious stakeholders such as welcome initiatives, local authorities, securityservices, NGOs, etc.
  • Identifying and interpreting relevantsecondary data and policy documents;
  • Sharing your emerging data andinsights with the other ReROOT research teams across Europe.
  • Writing articles for academic(English) and practical (Dutch) purposes;
  • Giving presentations at Dutch,Belgian and international conferences;
  • Limited duties such as teaching/researchassistance at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology (KU Leuven) FTE/year)
  • Completing a PhD dissertation inSocial and Cultural Anthropology within 4 years at KU Leuven, under thesupervision of Karel Arnaut and Bruno Meeus (KU Leuven) and Ilse van Liempt(UU).
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