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Youve just closed your books, and maybe your head is still aching from your massive graduation party? Well congratulations to you then! Welcome in the fascinating world of adulthood, or more specifically; the working life (some people never grow up). We can help you with the working life, the rest is up to you!

We are an IT consultancy company and our projects are many, and moreover interesting. So, we need manpower, brains and fresh blood to tackle them all. Do not fear, we are not zombies. But we are in dire need of some young brains at the top of their game, with an ambition for world domination. We have 44 offices across the globe, and a whole lot that we can throw at you (challenges, I am talking challenges). No Napoleonesque urges? Dont worry about that either, for a country this size we have many projects that will blow out your mind.

However, dont be alarmed, the challenges will always be tackled in a group effort, guided by your sensei (or mentor). The path to enlightenment can be long, however together and with training itll look like a walk in the park. The path you choose however is your own. We have many roads, and you decide which is yours, without having to fear the big bad wolf. You are not Little Red Riding Hood, you can handle that! And if not, well you have the gang to count on. We wont let you down.

If this sounds like the adventure of a lifetime then dive in! However, be aware that there are some things that should be there. First of all, you should have an interest in IT. To be fair we are an IT-consultancy. Moreover, you just graduated, you probably are already more evolved into the swiping life than us. Does this mean that you must be able to program faster than to spell out the alphabet? We need you to, however if you have a different background dont hesitate. Different roads need different hikers, so we need all type of adventurers. Secondly, you speak Belgian. Yes, that is not an official language, but you know what it means. You are not afraid of French, Dutch and English. Agreed one language can be stronger than the other, but you are not afraid of all three. Last but not least, you have a shiny new BA or MA to show the world (we are still looking for fresh blood).

What do we offer, except the craziest career start of a lifetime, well you get paid in money and everything that comes along with it.

Interested? But no idea how to start this or what this even is? Just contact us!

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