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Arbeids-, Organisatie- en Personeelspsychologie (BB-ED159)

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At the starting date (September 15th,2021), you have a master degree in psychology or educational sciences, social sciences or related disciplines and graduated with excellent study results.

You can work independently, accurately and systematically.

You have excellent planning and analytical skills.

You combine an interest in occupational health and career studies with quantitative methods, survey studies in particular.

You value an interdisciplinary perspective

You are fluent in Dutch or French (or both!), and you master English.

At the peak of the lockdown in April 2020,as many as 1,167 million persons benefited from a Covid-19 version of the Belgian short-term work compensation scheme, coined temporary unemployment.The short-term work compensation scheme is a policy instrument installed at the Belgian federal level to avoid the costly process of separation and re-hiring during the temporary reduction in production and demand. However, the psychological impact on employees has not yet attracted much attention. The aim of the project is to study the impact of the short-term compensation scheme on occupational health and well-being and individual careers. The project is a collaboration between KU Leuven (Nele De Cuyper & Hans De Witte) and UC Louvain (Florence Stinglhamber) and fits in a broader project that includes also an economic viewpoint, namely The Belgian Short-Time Work Scheme: Economic and Psychological Impact, funded by the Belgian administration of scientific research.

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