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Coffee Please

Coffee Please

Liesbeth Leysen

Why Loved Coffee Makes A Difference

Coffee Please

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1 Coffee - if we look at at it - is a genius combination of water and coffee beans - both are abundantly present in nature. A gift so to say for mankind. We wake up and smile when we think of that first elegant touch of our soul. The warmth runs down our body, so gently and kind. Without forcing, just a strong way to comfort us for the rest of the day.

2 Other people might prefer tea but the coffee lovers among us know exactly what I am talking about. The scent of freshly brewed coffee convinces like nothing else can. It is part of our habits. It is part of who we are. Coffee brands that created their coffee with passion, find themselves celebrated whenever their fans open up for their morning delight.

3 Friends and colleagues connect when they drink coffee together. It invites to speak up and share what is felt and thought. The coffee cup remains a silent observer and listens carefully to every word exchanged. It stores it in a special place. A place of surrendering. To the bonding process. Over and over again. It does not need the spotlights. It just is.

4 Fact is coffee is truly desired by its followers. They love every aspect of it and do not take it for granted. Coffee gets awarded by the happiness of its users. Such a strong support. Many brands try to make the best version but only a few reach the top. When that happens - and success rarely comes overnight - victory is written in capital letters.

5 Especially when you don't expect it and someone in your surroundings - knowing that you adore coffee - brings a cup of greatness, my goodness, can you imagine how that makes a difference? It becomes an act of love. Someone cared so much for you that he or she went all the way to buy you the little treasure. When was the last time you did that?

6 Eleonore gazed at him in astonishment. His gorgeous eyes had exactly the same dark colour as her favourite brand of coffee. Observing how he enjoyed drinking his cup, made her feel to be part of the most exquisite audience. Invited to see with different eyes, invited to look beyond the ordinary. Love expressed. Espresso. Love. Cup. Overflowing.

Final summary

Whatever you desire - be it coffee or something else - ensure that it is made with love and passion. There are many brands in this world but only a few discover the ultimate secret of bonding with its users in a way that is so exceptional that nobody can ever copy the big secret. It is unique. Tailormade. Next time that you are reunited with your delicious friend, look at it with different eyes. You might see the whole cup this time. The whole cup. The bigger picture. Just observe and listen. Just be with it in the moment. Bond. On a soul level. 

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Steven Shirley

il y a 6 mois #13

Wow, I am a true coffee person, enjoy reading such articles thank you! :)

happy to read about your cup of joy Neil thank you

Neil Smith

il y a 6 mois #11

Drinking a large cup, brought to from home as I read this. Thank you.

hi Greg Thank you for having taken the time to read my article. It makes a difference to the writer if the reader liked the content. What would a writer be without his or her audience?

Greg Rolfe

il y a 6 mois #9

Liesbeth Leysen I enjoyed your post, it was well written and full. Though as coffee is a legal addiction there is a reason for the passion. (just a jest as I am a tea drinker). You are correct though the scent of coffee is something that can lift you right off of a sour mood. Thank you for the post!

thank you Debasish Majumder seen and appreciated

Debasish Majumder

il y a 6 mois #7

lovely buzz ! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

Jerry Fletcher never had Irish breakfast That must be worth it. To have it without the nectar of the gods.

Jerry Fletcher

il y a 6 mois #5

Liesbeth, Alas, age has set in and I no longer fuel my days with that nectar of the gods. Now, a single cup of Irish Breakfast is all I'm allowed to get me up and through the day. 'Tis a shame. And so it goes

Ken Boddie I would love to read more of these cultural practices. Hopefully more people will post their experiences. Thank you. Very interesting.

Pascal Derrien I really love what you shared here. Thank you.

Ken Boddie

il y a 6 mois #2

We Aussies, Liesbeth, are a baristafarian balmy bunch of discriminating and particularly fussy coffee lovers, thanks to the inrush of Italians way back, who introduced the nation to the espresso machine and a range of coffee milk combos. My trip to one of my many favourite local cafes and coffee shops, for my grande, flat white, single shot, one sugar, full cream dairy milk, cup of pick me up, wind me up, and let me go nectar, is a ritualistic experience, where the sounds and smells of the beans grinding, the milk being steamed and the subtle waft of caramel sauce and baked muffins is a total salivating sensory sensation. You may enjoy this post I write on the joys of coffee, and my travels through coffee, almost 5 years ago, when beBee was young and fresh:

Pascal Derrien

il y a 6 mois #1

Ireland did not have a coffee culture when I landed in the country but it has caught up big time in the last 12/14 years. Barista competition and coffee expertise is really an integral part of the coffee landscape nowadays with many successful local companies bringing their love of the beverage and educating the Irish taste buds on the various roasts :-)

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