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Making a Choice

Making a Choice

Liesbeth Leysen

How Making a Choice Creates Freedom

Making a Choice

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1 One day you will have to make a choice: is the way things are going, serving others and yourself? If the answer is no, you reached a bridge. Up to you to cross that bridge or to stay on the safe side. It is not that the grass is greener on the other side, it just gives a better feeling. There is where the magic happens. Let that be your personal compass. 

2 By making a choice, the whole scene transforms. As if it was just waiting for you to act upon the mystery of growth. Watch what happens when you plant flowers. With light and other nurturing elements they become more of who they are. Gardening can be so inspiring.

3 It is not so much about the choice itself and how it unfolds, it is more about moving into a certain direction. Having a goal creates wonders. It motivates and rewards the owner with lots of positive energy. Energy is the motor of life. What would we be without energy? Nothing but furniture. A table in a room. No life required. Let's go back to the flowers. 

4 Everyone should make his or her own choices. Natural abilities to follow one's own path. Did you ever see a gardener giving commands to a flower how to grow in the best way? Do this this way, do that that way. No the flower is granted the space to bloom according to her own requirements. She is free. The gardener just observes how he supports her growth.

5 We are all born with the gift of choice. At least most of us are. We should not take it for granted. We can steer the ship of our lives in a certain direction. We can pause, make a detour and move on to the next destination. A world of possibilities awaits us. We should never be afraid of following our bliss.

6 Making a choice creates freedom. Freedom to be ourselves. An invite to grow into our greatest version. Not because we have to but because we want to. It might surprise others and then they start to reflect on themselves too. What is it that you really want? Yes you, your choices matter. They matter to all of us. Because with your choice, we gain more you.

Final summary

You have the right to make choices. When you are bold enough to do so, you are growing. It is more about the openness to a new choice than its content. Don't take life for granted and follow actively your own path in life. Be free. By setting the example you set others free as well. Be you. More and more. It matters. To all of us.

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Tienda Zero Waste

il y a 6 mois #16

Yes, i like your comment

Ken Boddie

il y a 6 mois #15

Interesting metaphor, the bridge, Liesbeth. The choice is ours in life, whether to cross or not, but sometimes our choices are like junctions in our path, or the end of a corridor with many doors. Sometimes we have to choose not just to go forward or stay, but which path or door to take should we go forward. I am a great believer in making a choice to move forward but never look back. Each choice we make is good for us, provided we look on our choices as opportunities. If we don’t look back then there’s no spilt milk. As for the garden, Liesbeth, I wish those damned weeds would listen when I suggest they pack up and move elsewhere. 🙁

thank you Vinod you are right Our choices do matter and it starts right after we woke up.

Cdr Vinod Dahake

il y a 6 mois #13

Yes at every moment in life we need to make a choice. While undergoing training ( some where around 1978) my friend used to say Get me eggs any , having asked Eggs to order. His version is we need to take a decision early morning. It hardly makes a difference which way egg is cooked Loved the article as these choices which shape the life or Business or a family

thank you Debasish Majumder for your time and reading

Debasish Majumder

il y a 6 mois #11

lovely buzz ! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

I just can’t help it ;-) Jerry Fletcher and you always catch me doing it.

Jerry Fletcher

il y a 6 mois #9

Or, as the Bard said, " to thine own self be true." Liesbeth, you always speak immortal truths.

the choices and how to handle these thank John Rylance great points to reflect upon

that is very supportive thank you Bill Stankiewicz, \ud83d\udc1d Brand Ambassador

thank you Pascal Derrien

John Rylance

il y a 6 mois #4

Don't base your choices entirely on the advice of those not effected by the outcome of those choices. When offering others choices, only offer choices that are acceptable to you. Unless of course you believe that the right choice for them isnt necessarily one you would follow. Try to fully engage brain before acting upon choices, or opening your mouth to speak them.

Wonderful post ! Making the right choices matters to ourselves and others.

My choice today is to grow more bees 🐝. Love the post here and am sharing with all my students 🙏🐝🦺🚢🏗🛳🚧🚧🛳🏗🚢🦺🦺🚢🏗🛳🚧

Pascal Derrien

il y a 6 mois #1

There is always a cut off point and a decision point in choices there is always a choice to make a choice...or not

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