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Preparing the Stage

Preparing the Stage

Liesbeth Leysen

How Preparation Touches Reality


1 A man standing in front of the invisible audience. He sees them. Hears them. Can almost touch the hands of the people sitting in the first row. Smells the perfumes of the ladies who came to catch a glimpse of their hero. 'This tastes for more', he adds to the scene. So many seats looking at him. All oriented towards him. One direction. Could be their next song.

2 One seat moves. Unexpectedly. Colour changes. The man is surprised. Eyes staring at him. Notified. Sound moves through the air. Reaches his hearing device. Words echo in his head. He got the message. He wants to reply but waits a bit to extend the moment. 

3 She stands tall. Makes herself visible. The seat gives her the space she needs. All seats do. They seem to be on her side. He watches what happens next. She comes closer. He tries to look for answers. Feels a bit under pressure. She feels his heart beating faster. 

4 Suddenly she walks towards him. With a confident smile. He recognises her. A million dollar thoughts and emotions. It is his best friend. No harm, only charm. Their hands touch. A gentle but subtle agreement. They both are now standing in front of the invisible audience. They see them. Hear them. Can almost touch the hands of the people sitting in the second row. Smell the perfume of the ladies and men who came to catch a glimpse of their heroes. They want more. 

5 This scene is repeated over and over until everyone is connected on stage. The audience changed roles. All of them involved instead of passively observing the whole. It made him feel at peace. It was not a one man show. It was a we are all in this together movement.

6 It changed his thinking. It transformed her world. The audience was moved. Vision. Implemented. Even before the actual scene was unfolding. Green light. Shining over the seats. Approved. Readiness. Reached. Reality kicked in. Knocked on the door. It was holding room for a bright future. For both of them. His answer came: 'Together'. To get her. Closer. In his heart. Where she belonged. 

Final summary

If you do your homework and get into the preparation modus, you can create a better reality. It is as if you are rewarded by reality itself for going the extra mile. Visualize what you want and rely on all your senses, you might be surprised what happens in the next chapter of your life. The scene might support you. It is not magic, it is you who bends reality. To me that just means that you are magic personified. 

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Jerry Fletcher

il y a 6 mois #8

LIesbeth, to quote one of my favorite authors, " it is you who bends reality." And so it goes.

John Rylance

il y a 6 mois #7

Just as there are more questions than answers, perhaps there are more words than pictures. As some say a picture is worth I a thousand words. Not so much visualisation as imagination. The two together make fantastic outcomes.

Pascal Derrien thank you. I will put it in my ‘Congrats to my creations’ Jar :-)

John Rylance in my case I first see an image and then my text follows automatically. That is how I create. Interesting question what came first, you could think picture first and then words. Or what about this, maybe the words were just waiting for the right picture? Who will tell?

I think Cristian is looking for a job so if anyone can support him on that please reach out to him

John Rylance

il y a 6 mois #3

Oops sorry I mispelt your name Liesbeth. Obviously my picture/word thoughts went into dyslexic mode. My apologies.

John Rylance

il y a 6 mois #2

There are two types of people those who think in words and those who think in pictures. While this piece centres around visualisation, the words expresssing it makes the point to both word and picture thinkers. It does pose the question which comes first the words or the pictures? Suddenly in my mind I see a chicken and an egg, but fail to decide which I saw first. Thank you Leisbeth for starting the images flowing.

Pascal Derrien

il y a 6 mois #1

another very clever instalment :-)

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