Amelia Boudraa

Brussels, Arrondissement Brussel-Hoofdstad, Brussel-Hoofdstad

Ce professionnel est activement à la recherche d'un emploi.

engineering Freelancer

À propos de moi:

I am from Lille, in the north of France, and hold a degree in English LLCE, a Master's degree in language didactics and a PGCE in MFL French and Spanish. I also have a BAFA which is a diploma allowing me to work as an animator in daycare centres and language courses. Since I was a child, I have been passionate about languages and teaching. That is why I travel a lot. It allows me to learn new languages, new cultures and above all to open my mind more and more to the world and its diversity. 





I have recently had the pleasure of completing my degree and I am enthusiastic about finding my place in the teaching world. As part of my studies, I had the opportunity to do a four-month internship as a teacher of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) at ID Formation in Lille. I was able to teach French to migrants in order to prepare them for the DELF and the DALF. I was also a French Assistant in a high school in England for a year. Finally, during my PGCE year, I had the chance to work full time as an apprentice teacher of modern languages in a primary school as well as in a secondary-school. I have taught learners from Y3 to Y12. I was able to prove myself and my worth in these institutions. Indeed, I was able to make myself useful by successfully accomplishing the various tasks required. For example, I had to plan lessons for each course of the year which were judged excellent by the head of the language department, but also to create various language activities and games, my speciality, which fortunately allowed my learners to progress quickly. I now consider myself autonomous in my role as a foreign language teacher. Thanks to my ability to adapt, I have been able to integrate easily into each work team. In your advertisement, I noticed that you were looking for a creative, human and well-organised person. By this I mean that you are looking for a positive, open-minded teacher who knows how to manage her time, how to plan efficient lessons, how to assess the capabilities of students and how to create games and other diverse resources to optimise the learning and progress of students. I recognise myself in this, which has also enabled me to carry out my assignments successfully during my previous experiences.


As a young graduate, I would like to put my skills and professionalism at your disposal. Joining your school would be for me the possibility to exercise my passion, in which I wish to obtain considerable experience in order to evolve towards positions with a higher responsibility. Besides, working and living in Doha is my biggest dream. That is why I am determined to serve your school.Apart from being a French and Spanish teacher, I have a well-established experience in the field of visual arts. I am proficient in all aspects of photography and videography. I often use these skills in my classes to vary my teaching methods. This has always proved to be successful in my previous experiences. I also practice dance, yoga, boxing, singing and theatre. I am passionate about travelling and I am still learning new languages. I sincerely believe that these cultural experiences are a great asset in teaching Modern Foreign Languages. Besides, loving contact with children and teenagers, I worked for seven years in a youth hostel. I had to plan days of activities and outings for children and teenagers. I also had to work in a team most of the time. I have faced many kinds of conflicts but I have also witnessed rich personal developments among some young people. I have given my best to create activities that have allowed them to flourish and have fond memories. I am sure these years of experience are a considerable strength as they inspired me. They have inspired me to become a much better version of myself as a person and as a languages teacher. I am full of humanity but also of new ideas. I know that my future learners will be able to benefit from this so that they can also become the best version of themselves. 

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